Charlotte Area League of Musicians

C.A.L.M. seeks to bring together musicians of all genres in the greater Charlotte area to maximize opportunities for musical advancement and collaboration through education, advocacy, and inspiration. Our inaugural gathering was Thursday, July 11 at The Playroom.. Watch this space: additional content and information is in the works. For real-time updates, join our group on Facebook:


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We seek to equip each and every musician with the information and skills needed to succeed.



Our voices together present a louder voice to local leaders than any one voice alone.



Whether onstage or off, whether alone or among many, we strive to inspire each other in our musical journeys.



Through mutual support and communication between us, our high tides will raise all ships in the scene.



We bring together artists of all genres to cross-promote, co-create, and inspire the greater community.



Let us be the change we wish to see in the scene and create a thriving music community for centuries to come.


I literally don't think I'd be alive with out our music scene. Local bands have kept me going through some dark times, so I owe my life to it!

Paul Wood Drummer, Death of August

The Charlotte scene welcomed me as part of a family that I had been looking for. Very supportive and encouraging. I've made friends in this scene that I'll continue to call friends long after the music fades.

Travis Keziah Singer/Guitarist, Scars Remain

It’s made us all a part of each other, personally and emotional through lyrics. We have socially networked and all of us have gotten where we are today because of each other. No music is good or great if no one's in the crowd to hear it and it spreads through all of us knowing one another.

Tenebris RG Guitarist, Oculum Dei

After I left the music scene in 2011, I figured that I would never play again but watching all the other bands brought me back seven years later and it is amazing how all the bands actually support each other.

JJ Jones Bassist, Swamp78

Registration is FREE. Share your opinions and information with us. We will never share your contact information without your written permission.



It's true that everything has been done before, and we don't want anyone navigating the turbulent waters of DIY music in the dark. We'll leverage our network of talented people to help each musician get the musical and business skills necessary to succeed.

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Almost every musician has a story about how the City of Charlotte has destroyed parts of its own creative identity in the name of "progress." We will bind together to amplify our voice as a community and ensure that our musical culture and history is protected.

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We are developing more reliable methods for reaching the general population outside the existing music scene to raise our live music event attendance and music sales. We want to get great music into as many ears as possible.

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Instead of booking multiple big shows in the same subgenre on the same date, we will aid communication between venues and do our best to eliminate directly competing shows so every show has maximum genre support.

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Since we are a multi-genre community, we will create opportunities for artists to work outside their own genre and gain new fans that might not otherwise see their performances. We will also seek out opportunities to partner with local businesses and non-profits to create live music events that benefit all.

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Not only do we hope to create a thriving Charlotte music community for the sake of increased business for our musical endeavors, we also hope to foster hundreds, if not thousands, of friendships that will last a lifetime.

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